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Why Buying Artificial Plants Is A Must

The benefits over real plants

There are so many advantages to choosing an artificial plant over a real plant. Firstly, if you have a busy lifestyle or are away from home often, it becomes exceedingly difficult to ensure your real plants are looked after properly. For example, watering real plants are really time consuming. Therefore, in this case artificial plants are the perfect alternative, they always look fresh without needing water.


Real plants also require extremely specific environments, especially real plants.  Achieving the right temperature for a real plant is difficult with all our modern electric and gas heating. Since artificial plants can be placed anywhere regardless of sunlight or temperature, they are a much cheaper and easier option.


Also, faux plants are the best choice for those of us with allergies and, if you have hay fever, the last thing you need is a plant that will make you sneeze every time you enter the room. Luckily with fake flowers you will not need to reach for the tissue box!

No Gardening

Artificial greenery is ideal if you just do not have a knack for gardening. It takes a certain level of skill to make sure that different plants get the right amount of water and nutrition so the best solution is artificial, which will be just as pleasing to the eye as the real thing.

Biophilic Design

The other really important point is that research has shown that the presence of trees and plants are good for human beings. This concept is called Biophilic Design. It explains that greenery can improve mood and motivation, it can also reduce stress. So amazingly it has been proved that looking at artificial plants produce the same effects as looking at real plants. 

Choosing The Right Plant For You

It really depends on what space you have. Artificial house plants are great as they come in all different shapes and sizes and species. With a good artificial plant, you will not be able to tell the difference between a real one and a fake one even down to how they feel to the touch. They also come in a wider range of shades of green than the natural ones therefore you can choose one that ideally matches your décor. 


Another extremely popular trend now is the art of Topiary. In which trees are clipped into shapes and sizes to create beautiful outdoor arrangements. Popular sizes are the spiral, pyramid and cone shapes. Real topiary is so difficult to maintain they need the correct amount of watering and pruning and shaping. So, buying artificial is a real winner. They keep their shape and last all year long with no maintenance at all. The good ones come with a UV protection, so they never fade.


Real flowers wilt very quickly and are seasonal which means you only find certain colours each season. So of course, faux flowers are a real winner, they last forever with no maintenance, and you can pick and choose your favourite colour all year long. Also, the stems now look so realistic and can be cut and displayed depending on which vase you have for your display.

So hopefully this has persuaded you into looking to buy a lifelong beautiful artificial plant. Please visit our range of plants and trees to choose the right one for you.